Difference between UV printing and conventional printing


Currently, UV printing technology is considered the most modern in the printing industry; What are the advantages of ordinary printing technology? What is the difference between UV printing and conventional printing? In the following article, In 3 Miền advertising will help you answer.

Difference between UV printing and conventional printing

UV printing is a new, modern technology that has been applied a lot recently. UV printing technology is widely used because it has many advantages compared to traditional printing. UV printing and conventional printing are quite similar; Only difference in ink types; and the drying process involves those inks.

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Typically offset printing using solvent ink; This is not the best option; because they evaporate into the air, releasing VOC. They often require additional spray powders to assist in drying. Because they are absorbed into the paper, colors may become thin and less bright. Depending on the characteristics and weight of the paper, drying can add days to each job. Conventional ink must be absorbed by the substrate on which they are printed; You cannot use them on materials such as plastic, foil, or acrylic.

UV ink dries through a photovoltaic process. Inks are exposed to ultraviolet light when they are printed; Immediately changes from liquid to solid with very little evaporation of solvents and hardly absorbs ink into the paper. So you can print on almost anything you want when using UV ink.

Because they dry immediately and do not release VOC into the environment; UV printing is considered a green technology, safe for the environment; and leaves almost zero carbon emissions.

Of course, because UV inks dry on contact, they never smudge. And that means, no matter what type of paper you use, you’ll never have to add expensive coatings to protect against stains and stains.

Difference between UV printing and conventional printing

Advantages of UV printing technology
The difference between UV printing and conventional printing is reflected in the advantages of UV printing technology in practice.

– UV printing can be printed on many materials

UV printing technique can print on all kinds of materials. Not just ordinary materials; UV printing technology can print strange materials such as canvas, CD, concrete, wood, metal … UV print size is also very large; in 122 x 244cm and 5cm thick.

– UV printing technology for a variety of printing products

The versatility of UV printers allows you to unleash your creativity on advertising print publications. You can use UV printing products indoors or outdoors. Advertising publications of UV printing technology include: backlit sign; car decals, wallpaper, carpets …

– UV printing technology has very fast printing speed

You may think that UV printing is very slow because it can print on many materials. But UV printing technology has incredible speed with high precision printing. Printing time depends on ink color, as well as UV light intensity. In fact, UV inks often dry out in an instant. This is the factor that makes the speed of UV printers extremely fast.

– UV printing technology simplifies surface treatment steps

UV ink has an instant adhesion feature without the need for a print surface coating. This saves you both time and printing costs. Glass is an exceptional material here. UV printers still print on glass. But a surface coating will make the color more durable.

– UV printing technology prints multiple layers of color at a time

UV printers keep the print side still, and the pen stand moves across the print plane. From there, you can print multi-colored layers compatible with white ink, colored ink, or glossy areas of printed images.

– UV printing products are very durable

With UV printing technology, your printed products are difficult to fade, fade or melt because of cleaning or high temperatures. Because the petrochemical ink (polymer) and then heated by UV light. UV printing technology always ensures you the most beautiful and durable printing products. Website: https://in3mien.com/


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